1911c Canada Gold Sovereign
1911 Gold Sovereign with C mintmark, Ottowa Mint in Canada.

About Uncirculated with full lustre
1911 Obverse Natural Light 3
1911 Reverse Natural Light
A Beautiful example of the 1911 Canada Gold Sovereign with strong lustre. Appears to have light handling marks but no sign of circulation in my opinion. I have photographed the coin under natural light and artificial to get the best all out appearance to give you the chance to form your own opinion on grade. My opinion is about uncirculated, the lustre is very strong.

The Canadian sovereign was minted between 1908 and 1919 at the Ottawa Mint (known today as the Ottawa branch of the Royal Canadian Mint.) As it was a branch of the Royal Mint, it was obligated to mint sovereigns on request. When sovereigns were requested, it was usually for export causes.

The 1911 Sovereign was produced during the coronation of King George V.

All sovereigns produced in Ottawa had a ā€œCā€ mint mark to signify that it was produced in Canada.
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